Why to chose us ?

The SYGMA-online solution

Our App SYGMA-online is a unique solution – your reliable partner to boost your digital transformation .

We follow 3 guiding principles :


With just one click you can adapt the SYGMA online App to fit the level of your activity and needs.


Inspired by the idea of a one-stop shop SYGMA online simplifies the management of your regulatory obligations, your management tools and ensures traceability in all departments.


We accelerate your digital transformation by providing a customized subscription to SYGMA online and associated customer care services.

Whatever the nature of your regulatory obligations and whatever the service level required, SYGMA online will support you with expertise. This is built on our exhaustive experience gathered in different user environments and with a wide variety of equipment

Example of labour law in France

Driving mobile equipment (like fork lifts) is reserved to workforce with adequate training. Trainings need to be completed and up-dated as necessary.

“The driving of certain equipment representing particular risks is subject to an authorization delivered by the head of the business”

Our solution

Digitalization of all regulatory documents to make them easily accessible to different parties involved in risk prevention.

We provide a dedicated server and an application which responds to various regulatory obligations. An efficient internet site, an application simple to use, compatible with all different kinds of terminals, guarantees a rapid and seamless installation.

Simple and efficient, this new technology values the trainings of your employees. The dematerialisation is a complementary tool for your sustainable development.

Our competences serve your performance.

SYGMA-online boosts digital transformation offering a unique combination of technical and regulatory expertise.